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Chevell Hall
Chevell Hall
FOUNDER - Lady Virago

I've always enjoyed playing dress-up, even if I had nowhere to go. Every time I step out on the scene, someone is inquiring where I purchased my attire. Just looking at clothes gets me excited. Seeing women taking creative approaches to style has always intrigued me. I still wonder if they were able to attain that look without breaking the bank to achieve it. We've all heard women fuss about not finding their size, boutiques being overpriced, or not having enough unique options to choose from. It was these exact difficulties that helped create LadyVirago.

Our goal is to offer a solution for every woman's individual style needs. We want you to feel beautiful, strong, confident, and sexy, all while remaining comfortable in your skin. LadyVirago is an online store that is all about creating Unique trends and styles. We strive to keep you looking fabulous and stylish without breaking the bank. We show you all the latest and unique fashions at an affordable price. You'll find our site easy to navigate and finding precisely what you need extremely easy. No matter the occasions, the place, or the event, LadyVirago's got you covered.

Fashion Forward

With our continually changing fashion-forward pieces, every woman will have a new outlook on fashion and confidence. We encourage you to take chances and set trends that no one has seen before. With fresh ideas and outrageous uses of color, style, and creative imagination, anything is possible when you're wearing LadyVirago. Wear what you love, and capture who you are by creating your essence of style. LadyVirago will have Edgy and Chic designs that are inspired by having a fresh sense of style. We encourage "thinking outside of the box" so that "Creativity Meets Artistic Ability." We want everyone to express themselves without having to say anything. Your style is your silent, but powerful hello. At LadyVirago, we will pride ourselves on carrying pieces with every woman in mind. So go ahead, Be a Virago, babe!